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Chairman's Desk
....... professional development and all round education to each student through enjoyable and innovative curriculum by giving individual guidance to each student teacher “Who is going to Mould our future citizens of India”. To fulfill the demands and needs of the nation. To develop national and social integrity. To provide education for peace and for international understanding. The College has a Career and Placement Training Cell that provides students with information regarding employment opportunities and assists them to develop soft skills required by the job-market. As the College is committed to provide to all its students.
           The college, some time face challenges like, identifying eligible and suitable staff, training them in the present context, change of syllabus, admissions, coverage of syllabus etc. But college over-comes with these challenges, with help of internal mechanism the college a strong governing body consists of highly educated and qualified members which helps in solving the problems of the college.

Abu Swaleh Ansari








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