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Founder's Message
...........marginalized in the District. The Educational Institution aims at imparting educational training towards the formation of value based teachers, through whom the poor and the marginalized will ‘arise' from ignorance and poverty and ‘shine' as human persons with dignity and honour. The vision of College of Education has of the future is to give shape to a society where humans would master forces of nature to lead a life of comfort and live as sisters and brothers sharing the resources of nature and the joys of life. For this committed and enlightened agents are needed. The role of education is to form such service-oriented and effective humans.

           Learner centered quality education, skill up gradation, training to all by using innovative technologies & methodology and ensuring a help for promoting integrated national development and globalization. To prepare best teacher’s generation according to the need of the country and to create academic environment in the district.

            The vision of the College is to play a definitive role in nation-building by instilling in students the zeal to serve the larger community by becoming dedicated professionals in their chosen fields, and its mission is to provide quality higher education that is informed with a sense of progressive and modern outlook to all its students.

Mirza Anwar Baig












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