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Welcome to Our College

....... founded by Late Mirza Anwar Baig on March 1996 It is a famous educational center. The founder of this institute Mirza Anvar Baig is relates with Barlas Clawn of Taimur Turk, who came to be round as Mughals in India. His fore father since the medieval period started living in villege Mirzapur which is now block head quarter, close to Nizamabad subtown in the district of Azamgarh as military camp runner Jagirdar. Mirza saheb was only seven years old lost his father Mr. Mirza Muzaffar Baig, who died of a fire brigade accident. The responsibility of looking after of Mirza fell in the hands of his grand father. After having being educated in Lucknow 1947 and Shibli George School in Azamgarh and got admitted in A.M.U. in 1950. His lovely life in Aligarh University was passed as a philospher, thinker and a studentdevoted to his students, Keepinh himself off from the political termoil he remained olevated to his studies like a true devotee. During this period he came in contact of noble he ovated men of latters like Late Khwaja Abdul Majid, Late dr. Zakir Husain (The Than V.C. A.M.U.), Nawab Ahmad Saeed and Rahmat Ullah Shervani. He got good benifit from contact of noble people. He was also inspired amply from Shervani's personal library. Hee secured the Ph.D. degree in Geography and was registered as a research scholar in the sagar University.

          The visualizer founder and the manager of educational centre Maulana Azad Late Mirza Anvar Baig pushed his mission forward on founding the school in 1962. For this he selected the barren land in Usrahata. As a result of this efforts the area which had been for some time barren land changed in to interesting clusture of educational centers. It was a peculier green revolution in the field of education.

          The said Degree College is well quipped with the teaching arrangement of Hindi, Urdu, English, Medieval History, Pol. Science, Sociology. In the camp of N.S.S. the students are given training for patriotism, national honour & national services, devotion to duties and good conduct. The girl students are trained and made aware of there honour disciplined education, good conduct, and are encouraged to maintain the social and national honour. They are also made aware of women right and duties. Compassion has become the central them for the girl students in the Degree College.

          The Degree College deserves thanks for this. Having secured the recognition to reach B.Ed. has gone a step forward. Building for teaching B.Ed. has all ready been contstructed on the first floor. All the facilities of large library, laboratory, reading room are available in the degree colllege. To fullfill Mirza's resolve and dream his haritors are trying their best. Mirza Sahab wanted to give all sorts of education like technical and earning based education and trained to the students of this area. The whole family of this institution is well aware of this fact and the struggle is on. Every one's co- operation in this regard is needed and deserves welcome.

We have just gone a few places the larger part of journey is yet to be done.

















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