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....... socially affected us culturally, sucked us dry economically bled us white slowly and steadily and dragged us down from the height of eminence and glory to the depth of degradation and humiliation. Today we stand as shadow of past, all was hopeful and inspiring in our life, has crumbled to pieces like the baseless fabric of a vision.

         Never, during the last 200 years were we faced with more dificult questions, with more disperate situations, never during these long and wearing years was statementship in greater demand to harmonise the conflicting the interest and to reconcile the divergent claim of the component whole in India, never was fortitude, Patence was more needed for Muslims to pass through the crises of life, confront the reverses and emerge out of struggle cleaner, purer and stronger, never was a faithful mariner more necessary to steer out tottering bark accross the raggling waves to a safer and hospitable shore.

         Emidust and encircling groom of cruel disappoinments all around with throbing hearts nad mistful eye do we look to words our educational centres today to give us light and lead once again in the difficult crisis of our chequered existence.

         The educational Institutions of Northen India held aloft the torch to lit up the path of the succeding generations of the Muslims and sown the germs of Islamic renaissance in India.

         In our humble efforts we the blessings of Providence of above. May the answering presence respond to our appeal and help us in the fulfillment of our mission of life (Amin).


Mirza Anwar Baig














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